Here are a few stories from program participants. If you resonate with these, I'd love to work with you to reach your goals. Just send me a message and let the journey begin!


Simple & lifestyle based

"I had no idea how much I was sabotaging my goals with the way I was eating. I figured just I'd avoid the obvious no-no foods and exercise regularly. But nothing has moved me forward further or faster than having Michelle's eyes, wisdom and encouragement behind me every step of the way." - RT


I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction

"Before working with Michelle on my nutrition goals, I was feeling very defeated. I have spent the last three years (after the birth of my last child) focusing on my health by making quality food choices (or so I thought), practicing yoga and even joining a fabulous gym, with even more fabulous trainers. Although I was feeling stronger, I was lacking energy, the number on the scale never went in the desired direction and I continued to battle some of the awful side effects of this lovely little condition I have called PCOS. After meeting with Michelle, I was shocked to see that although I THOUGHT I was eating healthy amounts of food, I was actually starving my body. Michelle has been sooooo helpful and full of many great tips and ideas to get me started on the right nutrition path. I know that this is all a process and that there are no "quick fixes". I am learning so much every day and I can feel my body changing from the inside out. I am getting better sleep and my energy levels have gone through the roof. I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction" - LH


A breath of fresh air

"I hate to admit it, but I have tried just about every fad diet or exercise program out there. Even DVD's or home gyms never seemed to stick. With Michelle, I feel like I'm not alone and have practical, helpful insight into small nutrition adjustments that make a world of difference." - TF


A healthy lifestyle that is sustainable

"Michelle is such an encouragement and so positive to work with. It's not just about losing weight and depriving yourself, but the balance between everything: food, sleep, water and the positive thoughts you choose to believe about yourself. She has taught me a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable." - KN