Be Your Own Reason

For a lot of us, we wait until something really shakes us up to make healthy changes.

Illness. Getting fired. Shattered dreams.

Life is upended and we see that our focus needs to shift.

For me, I focused on others before myself.

From the outside, I looked great. I was the wife and mom that made sure all emotional needs were met by ME. I was the friend who pried her way into every confidence. The faithful volunteer.

All presumably healthy things, but on the inside I was sick. I thought, subconsciously, that creating ways to be needed meant I would be loved. The one person I neglected was myself. Self-care meant I was selfish and needy. The result? A bitter and resentful wife, mom, and friend. My heart was decaying and I didn’t want to live that way any longer. The diagnosis was a sour heart, the prognosis: GRIM.

I don’t want to die a crusty old lady who had a list of everyone else’s short-comings.

I have learned that in order to truly love my life and give love to others, I HAVE to direct that love inward FIRST.

I have to BE THE REASON that I take care of myself. 

Simply because it makes me FEEL good to meditate, eat healthy, and move my body. 

Just because, I enjoy getting away by myself


That’s a crazy thought.


I actually like myself!

It makes me FEEL GREAT and out of that love for myself I can easily and freely (without resentments and bitterness if others don’t return my love in the exact way I need it) give the tenderness and care, love and devotion, strength and wisdom to all the people in my life.

Love springs out of a genuine place when I am giving myself the attention I know I need.

Does this resonate with you? If so, please comment below!

Michelle Meeks