Michelle Meeks

Certified Nutrition Coach & Hormone Specialist

Why did I start Revolve? I have experienced the power of eating well, healthy mindset, and consistent exercise. It feels so good that I just can’t keep it to myself.

Food was a life-long coping mechanism for me.
Am I sad? A trip to the pantry might soothe me!
Am I anxious? Let's bake some cookies! 

I spent decades gaining and losing. I tried the latest fad diets, resorting in negative self-talk and mental body shaming. Finally, I found a better way. I stopped the body shame and started to appreciate my body (she’s a hard worker!). I learned how she works, what she needs and found a weight and size that I feel my best in.

Also... therapy! Therapy has helped me pin point what hurt I am trying to numb that food won’t heal. I still have days where old patterns pop-up, but I don't beat myself up anymore. I own my actions. I learn from them. Then I carry on with the business of loving myself and making choices that honor me. No matter what weight or size, I am worthy of healthy choices, taking time for myself and loving my body.

Now, I have the coolest job ever! I help people fall in love with themselves in the process of living a healthier, more vibrant life.